Jaguar buys $170M worth of classic cars

There are only 130 Jaguars in the 543-car collection of Dr. James Hull, but Jaguar Land Rover has bought them all. It was the largest privately-owned collection of British cars in the world, but it now belongs to the Special Operations division of Jaguar and Land Rover, which not only creates special limited-production jobs like the Project 7 F-Type, but also runs Jaguar Heritage.

On that score, you might remember the lightweight E-Type recreations produced by Jaguar Heritage—six incredibly accurate units hand-built in Browns Lane. That’s because heritage is becoming quite important to the brand. Jaguar sees the massive acquisition of this 543-car collection as a way to preserve a vast swath of classic British metal.

In specific, the collection has a trove of ultra-rare Jaguars. There are alloy-bodied XK120s, a single lovely XKSS, some C- and D-Type racers, eight E-Types, and some pre-war SS Jaguar cars. And Jaguar is going to put them to work worldwide, leveraging their history to help shift units and build prestige for the brand in new markets. Most of all, though, they’ll be taken care of. Excellent news on all fronts.

Written by Alex Kierstein for Road & Track

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