Recommended Jaguar Service For Your Vehicle

Taking your Jaguar in for regular scheduled maintenance is crucial if you want to sustain the lifespan of your vehicle. Jaguar vehicles come with an electronic computer system which lets the driver know when it needs attention via service indicator lights and the Jaguar maintenance reminder system. The maintenance reminder system lets you know when the vehicle needs oil or another important service. It is triggered automatically after a set amount of miles or time interval. The system takes driving and weather conditions and other factors in mind which all can affect oil consumption.

Jaguar recommends a series of inspections designed to prevent damage to the engine and avoid costly repairs. Below are a few of the recommended services for Jaguar vehicles. Keep in mind that the recommended services below are not complete and only a partial list; please consult your Jaguar owner’s manual for the full list of recommended services for your particular vehicle.

Every 5,000 miles it is recommended to change the oil and filter, lubricate door hinges, check fluids, inspect and rotate tires, check windshield wipers, belt and hoses and air and heating systems.

Every 15,000 miles it is recommended to perform all of the services above in addition to having the spark plugs replaced. Other items to be checked include air and filter, the throttle plate and belt and brakes.

Every 30,000 miles it is recommended to perform all services included with the 5,000 and 15,000 mile inspection in addition to changing the rear axle, transmission fluid and filter, inspect rear transmission and exhaust, repack front wheel bearings, replace oxygen sensor, adjust drive belts, inspect battery, brakes, brake fluid levels, fuel system and more.

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